When the Capitol becomes an @AmongUsGame@twitter.com map

...ah crap I got an idea for a DLC didn't I

Sorry @InnerslothDevs@twitter.com

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Ok, I will start. I didn’t give any Capitol tours to anyone last week.

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Look 'ma I'm cussing at scale! :D

( @CoreyRForrester@twitter.com I am nothing but supportive of this🀣)

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I got to cuss on international TV! I’ve made it!

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I use Linux.

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Tell me you use an Android phone without telling me you use an Android phone.

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Taking bets on @ASUS_ROG@twitter.com releasing an ROG Flow X13 5980HS with ChromeOS and Borealis, as an exclusive ASUS eStore model, just for the hell of entertaining Google's idea.

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The Steam gaming container 'Borealis' is set to get broad controller support on Chromebooks. chromeunboxed.com/chromebook-s

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Anyone complaining about this change goes on my blocklist :)

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Default branch for Rails is now main instead of master ✌️

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As part of "Casual Friday," the rules of this account have been relaxed, and today's posts will be a little different.

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Dear @Twitterdev@twitter.com team.
This is your weekly reminder that no matter what you're working on right now, all we really want is an 'Edit' button.

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Recent dental appointment:

Dentist: "So you managed to crack right through both fillings on your back teeth. Do you grind your teeth heavily at night?"

Me: "Not that I know of? But I'm an epidemiologist and..." *followed by a sort of helpless noise*

D: Yeah, that would do it.

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I mean it's not my whole idea @AraWagco@twitter.com, but it's a start XD

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I've never wanted to go to Disneyland more.

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Aaand I just learned we lost a kind one to cancer again.

Rest in peace, good sir.

And fck cancer.

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It is with broken hearts and immeasurable sadness and the upmost respect for Ken that we post this. Rest easy buddy. Your laugh will forever be in our souls.


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The fact that I know one of my legs is a hair longer than the other BOTHERS me, especially seeing as I'm re-acclimating to working-while-standing AND BEING REMINDED OF IT BECAUSE ONE LEG INSTINCTIVELY BENDS THE KNEE A BIT.

It is MILDLY INFURIATING which makes it even worse.

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