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Bleh. Intro I guess. 

I'm just a gigantic Linux nerd playing anime gatcha games I shouldn't be enjoying yet clearly do, being unabashedly me on the internet and playing with tech instead of just using it.

Oh and I also shipped the Linux and macOS versions of a commercial game that one time. Engine was C++ and the horrors I had to do to fake multi-thread resources with OpenGL are simply HAUNTING.

just to finish with the hated hashtags.


I'm working on a conference talk around mentorship & how we make sure that we prepare the next generations to be able to carry on.

Would love to hear about your mentorship wins/fails as a mentor or mentee, and thoughts you have around how we can do better.

Please RT for reach.


Ah tiens, l'identificateur de langue. Ça fonctionne?

#Oops. If you bought and HODLed #Bitcoin a year ago, you better buy and HODL more, I guess? It will definitely recover! All those laser eyes just can't be wrong!

You'd think Genshin Impact would have a Deepin beta at this point.

If that BMW i4 is worth it I'm gonna be ticked.

HOW in the name of everything existing can my Linux computers' Bluetooth stack be MORE STABLE THAN THE ONE IN macOS?

CW: Dumb nerd shit I bought 

I admit it. More than a year ago I bought a drawing tablet/screen, namely an XP-Pen Artist12, literally for one reason only:

Electronic-Signing documents with my own, UGLY, handwriting.

ironmouse, adhd, introspection 

I did NOT need the self-knowledge realization about objectives that basically explains CLEARLY why I haven't progressed on some things, and WHY I progress at a stupidly fast rate when I act per what was said in this twitch cast: (time index: 01:23.11)

Super nerd shit 

I do love the fact that I have servers and personal services at home, that Comcast warned about outages, that there WAS an outage, that my IP *did* change, and that everything sorted itself out anyway because my router has a container that auto-updates my dynamic DNS and everything got back online without me lifting a goddamn finger.

Yes, this is nerd shit, but I love tech sometimes.

There's a chance she might be ADHD. I kind of recognize some of the traits here.

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