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Autism on TV: I am a cold, robotic genius with the brain of a computer. I am totally unflappable unless my meltdown is comedic.

Autism in real life: I can't get groceries because they slightly changed the parking lot traffic flow without warning. I am overwhelmed and I cry.

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Nerd flex of the day:

I debootstrapped a partition to ubuntu-server focal from a live Gentoo, customized the right files to try and have a Docker daemon and the ZFS pool load in Ubuntu exactly as they would do on Gentoo.



1. Yay!
2. HOW

apt remove firefox

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@lhirlimann@twitter.com They killed entire threat management team. Mozilla is now without detection and incident response.

Tristan, Alicia, Lucius, even our new director are gone

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Odd that they haven't included a Retweet Lock too. Likely by design, yet at the same time also a harassment vector, techncally.

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Finally I have access to the lock feature.

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Them, walking into my basement:
"Are you sure you don't want the Verizon wireless router installed on...

.... I'm going to stop talking and connect your ONT now."

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> man debootstrap

I can only feel so seen

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If you were a β€œgifted kid,” you now have one or more of the following traits:
β€’likes putting together furniture for fun
β€’over competitive nature for board games/other recreations
β€’random fact knowledge
β€’a desire to learn new stuff but no drive to
β€’consumes caffeine at night

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After bashing my head at it for a day and a half, I can safely say:

Docker is an absolute toilet for demanding I use net=host else I'm not getting the true client IP.


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That’s why:
- I can’t hear you when I’m engaged with a thing if you are next to me
- I can’t study today even if I have studied same topic yesterday
- Give up a hobby suddenly even though I was so enthaustic about it yesterday. twitter.com/danidonovan/status

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So I have severe scars all over my legs. They are very dramatic.

When I was 19 I was a camp counselor with some horrible little demons under my care. All summer I told them I got the scars in a shark attack in Baja. I was very specific in every detail. They were enthralled. 1/3

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five million coronavirus cases and the rich are still telling us not to drink coffee while they take money from their parents. first article is from august 2020

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I feel horribly seen

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ADHD is less β€œoh a squirrel!” and more β€œoh a squirrel! Oh he’s eating a mushroom. Let me go read about mushrooms. Wow some fungi can grow thousands of miles underground! Does that mean Alice really was on shrooms? I wonder if Lewis Carroll was Jack the Ripper. Another Squirrel!”

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As a neckbeard I feel seen how dare you

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hooking up with artists is hot cuz theyll be like "i thought of you when i wrote this song". what are tech guys gonna do? name a git branch after you? the fuck

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I have *loved* Jupiter Ascending and I'm not ashamed to say it. Anyone who dismisses it out of hand is either

* Suffering from Marvelitis
* Literally not the target audience
* Missing the point
* Disliking World-Building


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